10 September 2008


So my three year old is quite the mathematician. He can almost count to 20 in English and to 10 in Spanish. He loves to line things up and count them. So numbers are a familiar thing.

Yesterday I was handing out two cookies to each of my crew. Two, as many of you know is just never enough and the negotiations begin. I never waiver, but they always try.

BK was in a negotiable mood and so he put his plan on the table. He wanted a HUGE amount of cookies, so he chose ZERO. I tried, for like ten minutes, to explain that zero and none were the same and he was choosing no cookies not a gazillion. We counted it out on hands, but of course mother is always wrong. He went away empty handed and pouty.

Fifteen minutes later he came crawling back and asked for two. I think that he has learned zero. Wonder what will come to the negotiation tables next time...

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...for all eternity. said...

hahah! That is so funny. They think they know it all, but sometimes it is so funny.