25 February 2009

Truly, Madly, Deeply

So we are in the thrifty scout shop again (my most favorite shop in town). This time in search of a shirt for a woman in my sister's ward's troop. JP has become an expert in shirt finding and always gets the best patches and shirts for me so it was no surprise when he pulled a great looking shirt. It was a surprise when he asked if I thought it would be a good fit for himself! He is sooooooooo adorable.

So tonight I find myself happily humming as I sew on patches for him. He has been so good about all of my scouting. He even "volunteered" to be a merit badge councilor. I know I can come off as quite socially disabled - talking about patches, patches, patches, critters, absently-minded tying knots in everything, and wood badgering everyone in khaki to death (but you will thank me if you go).

Yes, it was love at first sight (probably), if only we could remember when that was...

16 February 2009


Hopefully that has a double meaning and I am going to put more effort into writing here. We are back from an overnight visit to the hospital with Baby JD. He had a bad case of croup.

I took him into the quick care where we interrupted a staff meeting. Everyone was super helpful. His sats were still at 98%, but he was working really hard to keep it that way. They gave him three doses of one kind of medicine in the quick care and switched when that didn't work and sent us upstairs to our pediatrician for two doses of something else (I was a little sleep deprived). JD hated the nebulizer so much that he threw-up all over. From there we were admitted to the hospital where they started giving him the steroids intravenously, and he finally started improving.

We were on the peds floor and they had no food for babies but were willing to blend anything on their menu - fajitas or burgers...seriously! He wouldn't eat anything we brought him except pudding...not really surprising there.

The best technique we found to calm him down was a fist full of hair. Between doctors, nurses, rts, and whoever the lady with the spiky black hair was we did not sleep. It is so nice to be home. Now I just have to retrain him to sleep on his own and with my hair out of his mouth...keep your fingers crossed.