17 September 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

In our house I try to encourage independence. This can only happen if you don't micromanage and redo everything that your kids do on their own, especially if it was on their own initiative. My kids know that as long as they are modest (no one needs to know that the Mario Bros. are in the house) they can wear any outfit that they want. I have never redressed any of my children...until today. It is picture day today. I don't buy pictures so that little tid-bit of information is really irrelevant, but it did give me an excuse to dust off the old cob webs of my vito power. This picture just does not give the onslaught of style justice. The cherry red shirt, the maroon leggings and the tube socks rolled down will forever be infamous in my mind. So as to not damage the psyche too much, we just did a switcher-roo with just half of the combination. In the end she danced out of the house looking like she was ready for recess, if not for the rest of the day. I can live with that.


Stacey said...

Oh crap!$##@#! I totally forgot. I ususally don't buy them, but still... I don't want them looking like they're neglected!

Laffy Taffy? Love the stuff, it'll be a good reminder of how much fun school is!


Don and Susan Brady said...

Love the Pose! She is a cutie, any picture would be wonderful. You are a great mom to let her be independent at such and early age. Give The whole pack a big hug from Aunt Sue.