26 October 2008

Watcher in the Woods

As a child I steered into scary stories (not movies they were to vivid afterwards). I enjoyed making them up, the scarier the better. I even won young authors in 5th grade for one of my ghost stories. I liked the thrill, the adrenaline rush. But I am over that now. I am an adult that likes the safety of safety. Halloween is cool, but like my daughters I choose princess witch over hag any day.

So you know that creepy feeling that you get when you are being watched? The hair on the back of your neck stands on end, you get goose bumps, you scan the room for all exits and grab the nearest thing that could do some damage. My weapon of choice is usually the pen from my journal and my 20 Questions hand held game, a pair of scissors is also nice if available. I figure if it came down to it I could huck the game and gouge out the predator's eyes...never mind that for athletic as I grew up, hitting the broadside of a barn was never in my repertoire.

Any way, this is a feeling I have been getting a lot lately. It is especially nerve killing when JP is not around. I am a night owl in every sense of the word - though I don't do mice (I miss you Gilwell!). I enjoy that peaceful time when the kids are dreaming, the house is finally clean and I get to think about grown up things like NOTHING. So it is quite discombobulating when I get that creepy feeling...

So I grab the pen and the game, ears alive and stealthily roll over...only to be met by this:Once I have eye contact with my assailant instead of gagging and torturing me, he giggles, he coos, and he blows raspberry kisses. Frightening, I know. It is 3 in the morning! It is becoming a habit of JD's. I am getting better at not letting my gargantuan imagination ahead of me, but still I may already be out of like, ten years of life for it.

I guess it could always be worse he could be awake and crying or it could actually be the scary one legged man from Thump, Drag.

22 October 2008


EEP just came up to me and called dibs on her photo albums. Now I don't have a problem if she takes her things with her when she goes but seriously, why does it have to be attached to my impending death?! Should I tell her about the estate sale and foundation for blind snails now or just let her find out at the reading of the will?

Like Mike

It has been warm recently and we have been taking advantage of the weather to get our yard ready for winter. The kids have loved all the outdoor time. EEP seems to be less and less effected by the sun this summer. Hopefully her photosensitivity will soon be a thing of the past.No, JD is not just blinking. He actually fell asleep with his tongue out. Apparently it takes some effort to get to sleep in the Packer household. He certainly isn't doing any slam dunks, but twenty minutes of shut eye is just about as exciting. JD has had such a tough time teething that he really doesn't sleep longer than 30 minutes. It is almost creepy how you can set your watch to it. Between him and BK the stock in sleep has skyrocketed.

21 October 2008


So because this month has been so harried I am faking my Treasure Hunt Tuesdays - sorry Jenee, I will do better. I am still the photographer and these are even new this past week they just have no artistic value what so ever. The fence before the project began

Our fearless leader power-washing the old stain off.
We had to redo the fence stain. JP and I both thought that we could stretch it out for another year but our CC&Rs said that it was time.
Silver to cedar with just a little water.

Freshly washed fence.

The help - they excepted payment in bubblegum...which we later cut out of their hair.
JP spent three days taking the old stuff off and it took us about two hours to put it back on. I didn't want it to need it but the results were amazing. Perspective can always change from beginning to the end. Thank you JP!

19 October 2008

The Little Things

So this month has been a little overwhelming. I have had meeting upon meeting (don't forget the one in Spanish) and LOTS of training meetings that I am over through both Scouting and Primary. PTA has had their cookie dough fundraiser ($10,000 less this year than last) and now we are off to thank everyone's support with a free Fall Festival. I just have to make it to the holidays... For those of you that think that we over-active mommies are superwomen my house and meals have reflected those abilities. Let's just say without JP none of this would be possible.

So realizing that I am not superwoman (though I am divine by birth-learned that at one of my meetings) I have come to a crashing halt. This morning I rolled out of bed (please don't ask what time) and made it just in time to breath and slap on my happy face before the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program started. As a Stake Primary Representative I get to go to them -7 total - the other women in the presidency took pity and I was assigned just my own ward. Knowing that none of them would be dragging all of their children to than much church I grabbed and ran with that suggestion.

I always love these programs and recognize the intense efforts that go into planning and executing them. It can be very intense, especially when your stake does TWO a year and have any amount of Sunbeams (the three and four year olds). So bravo to all those leaders involved.

Any way, after a beyond crazy month I got to see my 7 and 5 year old twirl and dance their way through another awe-inspiring program (no - twirling and dancing is not actually part of the program, it's just what you get when the Packers are on stage). The real tear-jerker was when my 3 year old stood up by our pew and started singing all the songs with the primary! I think that Book of Mormon Stories was his favorite. We were sitting next to the music leader and he was doing all of her actions fervently. He has now found the woman with the real power. After I Love to See the Temple (of which he sang every word with robust) he turned to me and said, "Mom! Mom! They know your favorite song!" He is so ready for primary next year.
They are why I do all this craziness and in the end they are what keep me sane.

14 October 2008

Super Powers

Seriously. I really am having a hard time say more than that, though if you know me I don't give up that easily. I am just completely in awe.

I keep hiding every pair of scissors that we own and more keep popping up. My number three baby has this super power to find them. He is like a magnet. This month he has cut every piece of paper that he has come in contact with and then some. Some have been important but most have not. He gave himself a pretty amazing haircut after which I was positive he would have been scared silly to touch the things again.
But I confess to being overconfident in my persuasion skills. He has found them again. This time it was his shirt. It was a sweatshirt and red to boot (he pretty much will only wear red and it is quite chilly now so the need to have warm red shirts is mounting).
Now for those of you that are wondering where the mother and father are in this picture that I have painted of a three year old shredding his shirt they were front and center and even talked with him about his picture he was drawing (monsters and a pirate map, very ferocious). I just wonder what it was like raising Clark Kent...

06 October 2008

Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

The theme for this week was "Fall". Here in Idaho we usually don't get much of an autumn. Things go from green to gross quickly. The last few years it has been amazing to actually see a color change. It must be all of that global warming.
So I went with nostalgia vs. the norm even though we do have some spectacular colors this year. My best memories of fall have always been the crisp air coming into a hot humid house full of the aroma of baking. My Mom is an amazing artist in the kitchen. I remember quite literally hundreds of donuts dripping from dowels at harvest time, the lid popping on jar after jar of peaches late into the night, and scores of pies - mostly apple with a dusting of those special pecans pies just for Grandpa. It was a breathtaking sight that put the senses into dizzying spirals of joy. This week we made four peach pies, not the apple of my childhood, but then peaches were held with reverence and a jar was not opened until the first snow flake flew. Words can't do the aroma justice and it can't be captured in picture so close your eyes and see where your senses take you. No special ingredient needed.

05 October 2008


Do not proceed if you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out. I have pictures that may be offensive.

I have a bit of a foot fetish. I love pedicures. There is something amazing that happens in a tub of hot soapy water. I love it. I walk around in slippers or barefooted most of my days and shoes that are open in the back (sandals, flip flops, clogs) the few times that I have to leave the house so you should only have to imagine what my feet look like - but I will show you.

The green comes from mowing the lawn in my flip flops. It actually gets into the cracks and won't come clean. I know OSHA would not approve, but the neighbors don't care as long as the lawn looks manicured. The deepest crack is actually quite painful, it is deep enough to actually hit nerve. I can't feel anything through the callous. I know, my diabetic husband has better looking feet.

JP is a good sport and very supportive when it comes to taking care of my feet (mostly because he is terrified that I may kill him one day by rubbing him to death with my rough feet). So he recently purchased a PedEgg for me. I had wanted one, but I am really no good at going beyond the coveting stage, I'm just no good at shopping. The first time I used it I went into the procedure (removing that much of yourself is a procedure) a little skeptical. But I must admit I was WOWed! I had pink skin and everything. The PedEgg is easy to hold and the best part about it is that it collected the 5 pounds of callous that shaved off and I was able to toss that rather than hope I vacuumed it all up before JD rolled into it. The most amazing thing was that I actually had sensation back in my heals. It was crazy amazing.

Only about an hour has lapsed between foot photographs. You can still see where the two deepest cracks were, but I but everything else is gone.

So for those of you that have been on the thresh hold and been holding out for proof consider it delivered with ribbons and bows. Buy it, love it, live foot happy.

02 October 2008

¿Dónde esta el baño?

Okay, so most of you all know that I speak fluent "Dora" Spanish. I have also retained quite a bit of high school Spanish, but drop me off in a Latin country and I would only be able to find the bathroom and stinky green cheese. Keep this in mind.

Any way, I am the 2nd Councilor of the Stake Primary Presidency and I am required to attend a few meetings, some of which are meetings about meetings. One of said meetings was last week. It had been a long day and I dreaded leaving the clutches of my 6 mo. old. It would also require that I apply make-up and a dress, both of which require the use of heavy machinery.

So I put in a real effort, kiss my ninos adios, and head to the meeting. The meeting lasts a mere 90 minutes or so and was chased with refreshments. Not bad...except that the whole meeting was in SPANISH!

Now for those of you that roam the earth and check into church in whatever language, knowing that the spirit will be the same, you at least have the heads up that you are going into a situation that requires a different ear. It is like watching Evita for the first time thinking that you are going to see an action movie about the revolutionary Argentina only to find out it is a craptastic OPERA! You keep watching to find out when the cast is going to drop the bravado and just speak, but they never do. It is a little traumatic.

So I sat through this meeting, it is late (it started at 8:30pm) and all I can understand so far is a word that I would swear was ice cream (helado). We had been prepped that we each might need to say a thing or two as well and I was wondering the whole time if they would get the spirit of what I was saying (some say that I convey more with my hands and eyebrows than all the words in the world). Luckily the meeting ran long and we did not all have to do our part. But in the future I will be a lot more sympathetic to those people with glazed eyes in meetings. Maybe we just aren't speaking their language and hopefully they will get the spirit of the message.