26 September 2008


So Sunday I was subbing in the Valiant 10 class. These are nine and ten year old boys. I walked in and the class was empty and the lights were out (no windows). So I promptly went looking - no way could that many boys be gone on the same day right?

I talked to the primary secretary again and we started peeking into classrooms and restrooms (not me a male teacher). I ran into the parents of one of the boys and they assured me that their boy was ... somewhere. I checked the room again, still no kids, no lights.

Ten minutes into class I decide to go set up any way. I found four boys strategically hiding behind chairs and tables, absolutely still and quiet. I recognized their prowess and named them king of the hill and proceeded to teach them the gospel. They are good kids and followed along and asked and answered questions.

The lesson was on Jesus Visiting the Nephites. At one point we were talking about how the Nephites were so happy that they cried. The boys so did not relate to this. They could not fathom how the two reactions could happen together. We discussed it some and then one of the boys remembered a time when something "exactly like that" happened to him - he had laughed so hard he had wet his pants. Since it was the closest to what we were talking about the perspective stuck and suddenly all the boys understood. The Nephites must have been really happy.

I do believe that a gentleman out in the foyer had a coughing fit at this point (I had the door wide open). I don't have all the answers and it is good when they can relate the world around them to themselves. I do believe that they will remember 3rd Nephi for awhile at least. We left it at that.


Stacey said...

That is completely brilliant, Ms. P!! Awesome, just awesome. Good thing we don't pee our pants when we're really happy. I had wiping up puppy piddles...


...for all eternity. said...

HAHAHA! I taught this same lesson to the 9 years olds! If only I thought of wetting your pants because you are so happy!!