06 September 2008

Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

So this week the photo treasure hunt theme is "Back to School". The thing that brings me back to reality the most is the perpetual pile at the door. I hated hearing my mom ALWAYS saying, "take it clear to your room!" I now, on a daily basis, say, "hang it up! Put your shoes in the pockets!" These pockets and hook are only two feet away! I have become my mother! You can tell by all the (!) - it doesn't infer yelling just !. It's just who we are, just how we roll!


...for all eternity. said...

I love this photo! We have a shoe bin by the door and the it never fails, the shoes get thrown/piled in front of it! Can I just say I love !'s

Stacey said...

Cool. I never really thought of the pile at the door interesting before. It's always been one of those constant, weary battles with the Farmers to keep their crap out of the doorway.

How does this treasure hunt thing work? I wanna play!