04 September 2008

body parts

So we were playing the name that body part game with JD the other day. It is a game that all the kids really get into. We stand around him with goofy smiles on our faces and name and point to each of our noses, ears, eyes, etc, etc. It is fun for the kids because we say their name and they get to be the spotlight and the center of JD's little world for two seconds. After going through a lot of parts and some two or three times, EEP got a very concerned look on her face and asked where JD's neck was. Just one more endearing sign that JP is their daddy. We love you Grandma P!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Who needs a neck anyway! Not important at all. lol

That's too funny. He's getting so bing, especially since I haven't seen him for a while... next time I'm just gonna call. (Continuing to hang my head in utter shame and remores.)