14 September 2008

Special Scarf

So I finished my first scarf for the Special Olympics. It took about 1 skein to do it and I did it in one afternoon/evening. I let JP chose the pattern out of a group of five that I had narrowed it down to. It is called Chained Fringe Scarf I think that on my next one I will use the same pattern, but do an aba order instead of abab. This has 20 rows and is 4 1/2" x 50" (not including fringe.
It has been pretty fun and easy. This one only uses single crochet and chaining. B wants to learn now. I think that we will start on the never ending chain first. I remember growing up and using them for everything from cat's cradle to chinese jump rope. We probably had a couple that measured ten feet at least. I had a very patient mother that was dedicated to discovery learning. Thanks Mom!

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...for all eternity. said...

LOVE IT! Good job. And after having a kindergartener I know what aba is! ;)