30 August 2008

Listen to the wisdom of the toothless ones. Fiji Proverb

We have kept the tooth fairy busy this year. B has lost 2 making her total 6. EEP has lost 2 too. It is exciting to see how proactive they have been in taking the initiative of taking them out. Apparently my way is not so gentle.

29 August 2008

10 Years

So, last weekend was our ten year anniversary. This is a pretty big milestone as far as marriages go, especially these days. We have been in love for much longer than that though. This September marks our first kiss - 14 years ago, don't worry we had already been together forever before that. I am a little slow to change (I believe they call it temperamental). Josh has always been sensitive to that, which is why he waited five years for me to say yes to eternity.

Any way ten years is supposed to be the tin or aluminum gift. Seriously?! Ten years and all you get is swan shaped left-overs. Josh has always been pleasant about left-overs, but then Josh is pretty much always pleasant (which is why we have made it to 10). I need to do something a little more amazing than swans.

Most of you at this point are pondering if this is so huge to me why haven't I gotten him something yet, it has been a week! But Josh and I are in it for the long haul and dates are not as important as the thought, which means the thought ought to be a good one.
Just to put things into perspective, we completely forgot our seventh. Bonus that we both forgot it, but we did have a pretty good excuse. Josh was in the ER (got sent there during a shift at the hospital, just had to go downstairs). He was diagnosed as insulin dependant diabetic. Fun and completely life altering, so no questions there. We did end up getting a grill though (see totally not traditional).

But this year it would just be nice to suprise him. A really nice meal - not a complete suprise (give me some credit). Clean house - it has been known to happen. I have thought about painting the living room, but let's be honest that would be for me not for him. So that leaves me with rock climbing or kayaking at the Rec Center. Once again for me, not him. He is getting to golf today. Maybe a new driver or golf balls. Any way, if you have an idea don't keep it to yourself.

28 August 2008

Toe Touching

We have moved mountains this week. JD has learned to roll over from his tummy to his back and back again (the back again makes him angry!). Now he has moved on to toe touching. It has been so much fun to not only watch him move through the stages but see his siblings reactions to them. B is positive she taught him everything he knows and EEP is pretty sure that he is saying her name. Today they all "wrestled together". BK is finally showing more interst in JD. He gives me the blow by blow while I am washing the dishes, sorting laundry, or powdering my nose. I love being a MOM!!

Blue Treasure hunt

I won! This won Jenee's Tuesday Treasure Hunt. Want to join? Check out her blog. This weeks theme - "Back to School".

27 August 2008

Family Date Night

Family Date Night is our favorite night. It is not a specific night like Family Home Evening, but randomly selected by the King and Queen of Packerville. Our favorite pass times have been playing Sorry, Easy-Bake Oven (5 cakes in just 1 hour), orange julius and popcorn and a movie (or football game if it is in season and thumps like a good one). We find that we love each other more and learn about each other more when we spend this quality time together. There is only one draw back to the system. The aftermath.

I know that it looks overwhelming. But all of my stories have a happy ending and the room gets clean in the end. For all those other kingdoms that are looking to add this to their list of activities I would strongly suggest it. It will build a sense community and self-worth and don't forget the happy endings.

24 August 2008

Loud and Proud

Isn't it refreshing to see a team that not only is amazing but also knows our anthem and isn't shy about singing it? I have watched several Chinese gold winners that have sang their anthem. I just have a hard time seeing people in other countries that don't enjoy the freedoms that we are so blessed with be more patriotic. If these athletes are going to represent me I would like them to use just a few hours of that long plane ride over to learn the song. I did hear rumor that Michael Phelps and his team mates tried to sing it but were too overcome when one of them started singing it like a girl. Three of the men from the men's basketball team also sang the anthem, though no one has sang it more loud and proud as Lisa Leslie.

22 August 2008


This is as close as I get to scrapbooking. I should get better, the kids can literally spend hours looking at pictures of themselves. B keeps sneeking her albums into bed with her!
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21 August 2008

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Too Tired

This summer has been a whirlwind of a summer. It just feels like we need at least two more weeks to get everything done. I have started to be one of those moms that actually give my kids chores. This is a two sided bomb. I do "less work" now but the same jobs take so much longer. I do recommend it for anyone who has trouble getting their kids to bed at night. Mine are always exhausted after a good days work. Good thing I buy the good stuff...