24 September 2008


Can I tell you how much I love my husband?! He just stayed up almost all night because he couldn't put down Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Stephenie Meyer). It was so cute. Granted we usually don't go to bed until two but still, it has been fun sharing this experience. Next we start on Brisinger...


Willie E. said...

Joshua Packer, where's your man card my friend? Good for you Donnalee! At least Brisinger is about dragons so I guess there is a bright side to all of this!

Stacey said...

Wow... I'm tired just reading about it. I mean, tired as in need more sleep tired. I suppose its part of getting older, wanting to snooze and all. Miss Is kept me up the other night and I was pretty much useless yesterday.

I'll be sure to call early then!