23 September 2008

Treasure Hunt Tuesday

So I have a little case of agoraphobia, not really, I just don't get out much. This week's theme of buildings was really tough for me. I got out to get the mail, milk and go to church.
So we started looking around the house. Living in a cookie cutter home in the heart of suburbia doesn't offer up much.
So when I saw the tower I decided it didn't get much better. We call this demolition day (kind of like a theme in our house).


Stacey said...

Awesome, Ms. D!! Those are the best buildings. No mortgage, property taxes, up keep costs and if you don't like it, tear it down and start all over again!

However, I think you might want to be concerned with... green fishes? Something must be in the water! lol


P.S. Looked at hooks today but couldn't remember exactly which ones I needed. I have a couple of questions I to ask, so I'll give you a buzz tomorrow afternoon.

...for all eternity. said...

These are so great! I love your artistic interpretation of the theme! Perfecto. And I'm going to get you otta the house yet with these hunts!!!

...for all eternity. said...

I don't know what it is but sorry I'm feeling emotional.... I MISS YOU!

nevertheless said...

Screaming...tears...much jumping up and down...I MISS YOU TOO!