05 September 2008

Wish Upon a Star

If BK were to wish upon a star he would wish for one of two things: his bed to be turned into a huge lump of jello on which he would bounce to his little heart's content or go golfing with his daddy.

Today one of them came true (sorry, no jello dripping off the ceilings).

JP went golfing with two buddies and they were cool enough to let a desperate little boy tag along.

So I loaded his pockets full of snacks (box of raisins, three gummies, two granola bars, baggy of crackers, and a bottle of water-dad thought too much, but he has never played 18 holes with a three year old), smothered him with sunscreen and kisses and sent them off.

I did phone twice (sorry Brian and Ted) to remind dada to reapply the sunscreen, but it sounded like they were surviving very well.

BK came home with empty pockets and heavy lids.

It was a successful day all in all. Sweet dreams little boy.


Jen said...

That is adorable!

TammyP said...

3 year-olds NEVER have too many snacks in their pockets. They will always be able to empty them!!! Fun day!

Stacey said...

That's so cool. Extra-special time with Dad on the green. He is a little Tiger, isn't he! lol Snacks and all.

Somehow I get delayed updates on your posts... I'll have to look into that.