26 October 2008

Watcher in the Woods

As a child I steered into scary stories (not movies they were to vivid afterwards). I enjoyed making them up, the scarier the better. I even won young authors in 5th grade for one of my ghost stories. I liked the thrill, the adrenaline rush. But I am over that now. I am an adult that likes the safety of safety. Halloween is cool, but like my daughters I choose princess witch over hag any day.

So you know that creepy feeling that you get when you are being watched? The hair on the back of your neck stands on end, you get goose bumps, you scan the room for all exits and grab the nearest thing that could do some damage. My weapon of choice is usually the pen from my journal and my 20 Questions hand held game, a pair of scissors is also nice if available. I figure if it came down to it I could huck the game and gouge out the predator's eyes...never mind that for athletic as I grew up, hitting the broadside of a barn was never in my repertoire.

Any way, this is a feeling I have been getting a lot lately. It is especially nerve killing when JP is not around. I am a night owl in every sense of the word - though I don't do mice (I miss you Gilwell!). I enjoy that peaceful time when the kids are dreaming, the house is finally clean and I get to think about grown up things like NOTHING. So it is quite discombobulating when I get that creepy feeling...

So I grab the pen and the game, ears alive and stealthily roll over...only to be met by this:Once I have eye contact with my assailant instead of gagging and torturing me, he giggles, he coos, and he blows raspberry kisses. Frightening, I know. It is 3 in the morning! It is becoming a habit of JD's. I am getting better at not letting my gargantuan imagination ahead of me, but still I may already be out of like, ten years of life for it.

I guess it could always be worse he could be awake and crying or it could actually be the scary one legged man from Thump, Drag.


mandbrid said...

Wow. That one made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

Stacey said...

Yeah, I suppose a quad could be deadly if used defensively. The small urn and plastic sword fern would do much. But the t.v. tray I use as a nightstand... that could bring about death by finger pinching.

Even with my manly hubby home, I'm still paranoid and perk up at every little sound. Good to know I'm not the only one!


Don and Susan Brady said...

A mothers intuition sometimes send out signals that we are still trying to understand, and JD must have a very piercing stare. Love to all the family. Aunt Susan