06 October 2008

Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

The theme for this week was "Fall". Here in Idaho we usually don't get much of an autumn. Things go from green to gross quickly. The last few years it has been amazing to actually see a color change. It must be all of that global warming.
So I went with nostalgia vs. the norm even though we do have some spectacular colors this year. My best memories of fall have always been the crisp air coming into a hot humid house full of the aroma of baking. My Mom is an amazing artist in the kitchen. I remember quite literally hundreds of donuts dripping from dowels at harvest time, the lid popping on jar after jar of peaches late into the night, and scores of pies - mostly apple with a dusting of those special pecans pies just for Grandpa. It was a breathtaking sight that put the senses into dizzying spirals of joy. This week we made four peach pies, not the apple of my childhood, but then peaches were held with reverence and a jar was not opened until the first snow flake flew. Words can't do the aroma justice and it can't be captured in picture so close your eyes and see where your senses take you. No special ingredient needed.


Stacey said...

Pie in any flavor or color is amazing, especially yours!

Deep, very deep.

Okay, so I made homemade pizza Sunday. That's how yummy it was the night before.

I think I went too thin, one recipe equals one half sheet and two rolls? Anyway, making soup today with guess what? Ms. Donna's rolls.

Any by the way, I've finished three more rows!


...for all eternity. said...

Very cool. This is why I loving seeing how people interpret the theme! I need this recipe!

nevertheless said...

The recipe is posted at:

under peach pie. The crust recipe is also there. Super easy. Try it and enjoy!