19 October 2008

The Little Things

So this month has been a little overwhelming. I have had meeting upon meeting (don't forget the one in Spanish) and LOTS of training meetings that I am over through both Scouting and Primary. PTA has had their cookie dough fundraiser ($10,000 less this year than last) and now we are off to thank everyone's support with a free Fall Festival. I just have to make it to the holidays... For those of you that think that we over-active mommies are superwomen my house and meals have reflected those abilities. Let's just say without JP none of this would be possible.

So realizing that I am not superwoman (though I am divine by birth-learned that at one of my meetings) I have come to a crashing halt. This morning I rolled out of bed (please don't ask what time) and made it just in time to breath and slap on my happy face before the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program started. As a Stake Primary Representative I get to go to them -7 total - the other women in the presidency took pity and I was assigned just my own ward. Knowing that none of them would be dragging all of their children to than much church I grabbed and ran with that suggestion.

I always love these programs and recognize the intense efforts that go into planning and executing them. It can be very intense, especially when your stake does TWO a year and have any amount of Sunbeams (the three and four year olds). So bravo to all those leaders involved.

Any way, after a beyond crazy month I got to see my 7 and 5 year old twirl and dance their way through another awe-inspiring program (no - twirling and dancing is not actually part of the program, it's just what you get when the Packers are on stage). The real tear-jerker was when my 3 year old stood up by our pew and started singing all the songs with the primary! I think that Book of Mormon Stories was his favorite. We were sitting next to the music leader and he was doing all of her actions fervently. He has now found the woman with the real power. After I Love to See the Temple (of which he sang every word with robust) he turned to me and said, "Mom! Mom! They know your favorite song!" He is so ready for primary next year.
They are why I do all this craziness and in the end they are what keep me sane.


mandbrid said...

I love this post Donna...there is something so incredibly powerful about the primary singing. Brought tears to my eyes...

Stacey said...

I love Primary Program Sundays, especially when I can just sit back and enjoy the kiddos.

You ARE the AMAZING MS. DONNA!! No wonder you have superhero-powered children; they get it from their mother!

So that explains the off-key gusto coming from the congragation! lol Just kidding, you go BP!!


...for all eternity. said...

We had out program this last Sunday as well. It went smoothly although there we a couple songs where it seemed like a piano solo. I kept whispering "louder!" Scott and I are teachers, but he sat with the baby and SH while I was on the stage helping. SH was suprisingly good and didn't give him any trouble and the baby slept the whole time. That ment I didn't get to nurse him before teaching my class right after!

Don and Susan Brady said...

We had a Sunday Morning Program recently also, it is like a chior of angels. and the 3 year olds are always the loudest. I am glad to hear you have the same favorite song we do at our house.