14 October 2008

Super Powers

Seriously. I really am having a hard time say more than that, though if you know me I don't give up that easily. I am just completely in awe.

I keep hiding every pair of scissors that we own and more keep popping up. My number three baby has this super power to find them. He is like a magnet. This month he has cut every piece of paper that he has come in contact with and then some. Some have been important but most have not. He gave himself a pretty amazing haircut after which I was positive he would have been scared silly to touch the things again.
But I confess to being overconfident in my persuasion skills. He has found them again. This time it was his shirt. It was a sweatshirt and red to boot (he pretty much will only wear red and it is quite chilly now so the need to have warm red shirts is mounting).
Now for those of you that are wondering where the mother and father are in this picture that I have painted of a three year old shredding his shirt they were front and center and even talked with him about his picture he was drawing (monsters and a pirate map, very ferocious). I just wonder what it was like raising Clark Kent...


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Stacey said...

There are worse things, like matches or highly toxic chemicals. Skizzors, however dangerous in their own right, usually only aggravate moms with ruined sweatshirts and bad haircuts!

But I totally agree with you on the super power thing, no matter what you do, they'll find them. Kinda like me and sweets!