22 October 2008

Like Mike

It has been warm recently and we have been taking advantage of the weather to get our yard ready for winter. The kids have loved all the outdoor time. EEP seems to be less and less effected by the sun this summer. Hopefully her photosensitivity will soon be a thing of the past.No, JD is not just blinking. He actually fell asleep with his tongue out. Apparently it takes some effort to get to sleep in the Packer household. He certainly isn't doing any slam dunks, but twenty minutes of shut eye is just about as exciting. JD has had such a tough time teething that he really doesn't sleep longer than 30 minutes. It is almost creepy how you can set your watch to it. Between him and BK the stock in sleep has skyrocketed.

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Is he dreaming about icecream? Maybe it's a nightmare about can jar of pulverized string beans? I know, he's singing a heartfelt ballad to his mother!

Too cute!