21 October 2008


So because this month has been so harried I am faking my Treasure Hunt Tuesdays - sorry Jenee, I will do better. I am still the photographer and these are even new this past week they just have no artistic value what so ever. The fence before the project began

Our fearless leader power-washing the old stain off.
We had to redo the fence stain. JP and I both thought that we could stretch it out for another year but our CC&Rs said that it was time.
Silver to cedar with just a little water.

Freshly washed fence.

The help - they excepted payment in bubblegum...which we later cut out of their hair.
JP spent three days taking the old stuff off and it took us about two hours to put it back on. I didn't want it to need it but the results were amazing. Perspective can always change from beginning to the end. Thank you JP!


Stacey said...

That is perspective! Old fence looking like a new fence. I'm sure I can work that into some gospel, life-lesson principle on perspective.

Hard work paid off, it looks great!! Check off that project and cancel whatever else is rounding out the bottom of the list. You deserve it!

So... *nervously shuffling my feet* wanna take the photog class together?


Don and Susan Brady said...

The fence looks great, awesome job JP. keep up the good work. Nice big yard for the Pack. Love you