05 October 2008


Do not proceed if you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out. I have pictures that may be offensive.

I have a bit of a foot fetish. I love pedicures. There is something amazing that happens in a tub of hot soapy water. I love it. I walk around in slippers or barefooted most of my days and shoes that are open in the back (sandals, flip flops, clogs) the few times that I have to leave the house so you should only have to imagine what my feet look like - but I will show you.

The green comes from mowing the lawn in my flip flops. It actually gets into the cracks and won't come clean. I know OSHA would not approve, but the neighbors don't care as long as the lawn looks manicured. The deepest crack is actually quite painful, it is deep enough to actually hit nerve. I can't feel anything through the callous. I know, my diabetic husband has better looking feet.

JP is a good sport and very supportive when it comes to taking care of my feet (mostly because he is terrified that I may kill him one day by rubbing him to death with my rough feet). So he recently purchased a PedEgg for me. I had wanted one, but I am really no good at going beyond the coveting stage, I'm just no good at shopping. The first time I used it I went into the procedure (removing that much of yourself is a procedure) a little skeptical. But I must admit I was WOWed! I had pink skin and everything. The PedEgg is easy to hold and the best part about it is that it collected the 5 pounds of callous that shaved off and I was able to toss that rather than hope I vacuumed it all up before JD rolled into it. The most amazing thing was that I actually had sensation back in my heals. It was crazy amazing.

Only about an hour has lapsed between foot photographs. You can still see where the two deepest cracks were, but I but everything else is gone.

So for those of you that have been on the thresh hold and been holding out for proof consider it delivered with ribbons and bows. Buy it, love it, live foot happy.


Stacey said...

Excuse me while I clean off the vomit!!! NOT

Oh, those things - those human cheese grater things - are the best footcare devices ever. Last summer my heels looked and felt like that. This summer, I was prepared.

Consider this another shining product recommendation!


mandbrid said...

YAY - I found you!!! I tried before and just couldn't get through...Thanks for the info on the pediegg. Santa's going to put one of those in my stocking for sure!

TammyP said...


Carol said...

That is so funny!! My heals look a lot like yours did! I may have to invest!