28 August 2008

Toe Touching

We have moved mountains this week. JD has learned to roll over from his tummy to his back and back again (the back again makes him angry!). Now he has moved on to toe touching. It has been so much fun to not only watch him move through the stages but see his siblings reactions to them. B is positive she taught him everything he knows and EEP is pretty sure that he is saying her name. Today they all "wrestled together". BK is finally showing more interst in JD. He gives me the blow by blow while I am washing the dishes, sorting laundry, or powdering my nose. I love being a MOM!!


Stacey said...

The sweetest baby ever that JD!

Don't you love play by plays? "He's breathing, Mom.... still breathing." lol


Connie said...

Hey, my sweet chick, I just found you through Stacey's blog!!! Squeeeeall!!!! Come on over and amuse yourself with daily life at J&C's house! I just might make ya smile, ya know, honey pie!! LOL

TammyP said...

so cute!! Unfortunately sweet little babies learn to talk and hit and yell and fight and scream. Oh if they could stay so sweet a little longer!