27 August 2008

Family Date Night

Family Date Night is our favorite night. It is not a specific night like Family Home Evening, but randomly selected by the King and Queen of Packerville. Our favorite pass times have been playing Sorry, Easy-Bake Oven (5 cakes in just 1 hour), orange julius and popcorn and a movie (or football game if it is in season and thumps like a good one). We find that we love each other more and learn about each other more when we spend this quality time together. There is only one draw back to the system. The aftermath.

I know that it looks overwhelming. But all of my stories have a happy ending and the room gets clean in the end. For all those other kingdoms that are looking to add this to their list of activities I would strongly suggest it. It will build a sense community and self-worth and don't forget the happy endings.


...for all eternity. said...

I love how the lump on the sofa is in the same spot! LOL! The aftermath of date night is a tired king but who could blame him with that AWESOME tv! ;)

Stacey said...

The aftermath is never fun. If there was some way to include that in the happy-making process, this mom would have the energy to jump for joy instead of crashing out on the couch.

Congrats on ruling the kingdom!


TammyP said...

Yeah, I noticed that one fixture on the couch stayed the exact same, yet miraculously he changed clothes....Did you bring him the clothes so he didn't have to leave the couch?!?! HAHA!!!

Don and Susan Brady said...

I like the sound of a Family Date night. You're right the cleanup is always the one drawback. I tried the nursery cleanup song, but alas Uncle Don just looked at me as though I had lost a few more brain cells and went back to his genealogy. Give the Pack a Hug from Aunt Sue and Uncle Don