24 August 2008

Loud and Proud

Isn't it refreshing to see a team that not only is amazing but also knows our anthem and isn't shy about singing it? I have watched several Chinese gold winners that have sang their anthem. I just have a hard time seeing people in other countries that don't enjoy the freedoms that we are so blessed with be more patriotic. If these athletes are going to represent me I would like them to use just a few hours of that long plane ride over to learn the song. I did hear rumor that Michael Phelps and his team mates tried to sing it but were too overcome when one of them started singing it like a girl. Three of the men from the men's basketball team also sang the anthem, though no one has sang it more loud and proud as Lisa Leslie.


...for all eternity. said...

I think that's the one thing I look forward too with the award ceremonies. I love to see the athletes response when their flag is flown and their anthem played. There's just somehthing about seeing our flag flying there for the whole world!

Stacey said...

For a second there you had me worried Mrs. P. lol

I have to say that knowing an athlete that participated this year made the experience real for me. My sister, April, grew up racing BMX in Seattle and is good friends with Jill Kinter who took home the bronze. Before Jill left for China, her and April rode the Olympic track (April just for fun) in CA a few weeks ago.

Watching the race and seeing Jill hop off her bike and jump for joy at winning the bronze was exciting. She came back to BMX after racing mountian bikes, had injuries (she raced with a torn ACL) all to race in the Olympics, something that didn't seem possible while she was still competitive.

I know Jill would have sung it loud and proud!