05 November 2008

Who's Who?

So can you figure out which one is Bk and which is JD? The teeth will always be the give away for me. JD is 6 months in his picture and BK is 8 months in his. Highlight the area underneath each picture to find out which is which. JD


Stacey said...

There isn't any question of 'the milk man' in your family, is there? My middle sister looks nothing like me, we teased her relentlessly. She's one of us though, jeans... I mean genes, prove a lot.

Cute babies!!


Carol said...

Hey there! I figured it out all on my own! The puppy gave it away!
Cute Cute Babies!!

...for all eternity. said...

Good thing it's a cute mold!

Don and Susan Brady said...

You are the one who needs to keep track of this because when you make up that special chart for their special day at school don't you dare put the wrong pict on the wrong chart. Good luck. Hugs and kisses to all. Aunt Sue