12 November 2008


I would like to think of myself as an optimist. This is why I get Blee ready for school with my mask pushed up on top of my head and one eye closed. It could happen. I could get her ready for school and quietly slip back in bed for a few more zzz, couldn't I?
The issue has become sleep deprivation. This week JP and I took the opportunity to push JD out of our nest. He is 7 1/2 months old. He hasn't been excited about the move and it takes him awhile to calm down.

It was especially tough for him last night. JP just went back to work after being home for a week. So we started out late-late even for me. Then at 5 am EEP and BK came creeping, panicked into my room. A robot with "grabber" hands was coming after them. Their night light was out and I had just put the last bulb into JD's light.
So my empty nest quickly filled with whispers, grinding teeth (Princess EEP), quiet giggling, and finally soft snores. This was followed by a 6 am feeding and a jarring alarm soon after. So I am optimistic. There will be a nap in today's itinerary.Tonight should be better. JD's bottom teeth finally came in!!!

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Stacey said...

You are the woman!!! I'm whiny and I'll I did today was half wake-up when hubs left for work at 4am. Spike kept biting me to let him out around 6, does that count?

Happy Napping!